Move Your Site to Self-hosted WordPress

Whether you’ve got a terms of service warning, been shut down because of your content, want to save some money, or want to get away from plugin and access restrictions, Go Self-Hosted is dedicated to helping site owners like you move from to self-hosted WordPress.

Why move to self-hosted WordPress?

There’s no denying – is a great service, providing one of the best value-for-money managed WordPress hosting services out there. But this just isn’t enough sometimes, and depending on your niche, you should consider going self-hosted WordPress for any of the following reasons:

Restricted Content

If you sell vaping, cannabis, or CBD related products on your site, sooner or later you’ll get shutdown if you don’t remove those products – these just aren’t allowed. And don’t forget – Gambling, Calls to Violence, Impersonation, Advertising, Hot-linking, Machine generated content, or any other objectionable content (so much for free speech!).

Adult Content

Another way to get a threatening email from the legal team is to include nudity, adult content, and other pornographic content on your site. Again, this is a big no-no and will usually get you shut down before you have a chance to read the warning email they send you.

Restricted File Access

Sometimes you just need access to your site’s files, either through a cPanel file manager or FTP, but neither is available or allowed. Trying to add some caching code or bot blocker to your .htaccess file? – forget about it! This area is strictly controlled and locked down.

Restricted Plugins

Since is a managed WordPress host, they control what goes on their servers and there’s nothing you can do about that. Some plugins, like caching, backup, and file and database modifying plugins are not allowed, and many others aren’t compatible. They have their reasons, but if you’re trying to use a non-supported plugin after spending $300 for the ability to install that plugin, well…. that just sucks.

Blocked Scripts

Trying to insert some iFrame code, or any other type of script, say from an advertiser? Well, if you’re not on the Business plan, forget about it! Any script or iframe code will be stripped out as soon as you save your page or post. Other than some minor workarounds for MailChimp and one or two other common scripts, it’s not going to work. This means you’re also restricted to their own WordAds program, so no Google AdSense or other party ad partner!


Unless you’re on the business plan and using a plugin like Yoast to handle your SEO, you’re out of luck there too. On all other plans, you’re not able to add the most basic of custom page and post meta titles and meta descriptions – the first thing any SEO expert will tell you to do to improve your SEO. So you’re left at the mercy of the search engine gods to display your search results as they wish!

What We Do

Go Self-Hosted is here to help you get the freedom to use your WordPress blog or site as you wish by supporting you in making the transition to self-hosted WordPress. We offer two solutions – a DIY option where you can follow our detailed guides to migrate your site from to any hosting provider you wish (though we have our favorite host!), or we offer the full VIP treatment. For a small fee, will do all the heavy lifting for you to make sure your site is migrated properly and running as it did before (with much less restrictions of course)!

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Too cheap to hire us to do it for you – that’s OK, we understand… really! Otherwise we wouldn’t have made the steps on how to do it yourself publicly available. True stuff!

The DIY method is broken down into three easy steps: 

Sign up for hosting

Migrate your site

Point your domain to the new host

Yes, there’s a few more steps involved, but that’s the gist of it. 
We’ve packed a ton of detail into those guides, so don’t be scared off by the size of the guide, we just wanted to make sure every detail was clear and specific as it can be. So – which one is for you?

How It Works – DIY

Step 1

Sign Up for Hosting

The first step in going self-hosted is, well, hosting. Use our easy to follow hosting sign up guide.

Step 2

Install WordPress

Follow our guide, though it couldn’t be any easier with our hosting partner’s one-click installation tool.

Step 3

Migrate Your Content

Move your content to your new host. Use our proven step-by-step guide to export with virtually zero downtime.

VIP Transfer

Right, you’re not a hands on type of person and just want it done – that’s where we come in – and handle the full migration for you from to self-hosted WordPress.

The basic flow goes like this:

Sign up for hosting (don't worry, detailed guide provided)

Invite us as an admin on your site

Sit back and relax - the rest of the boring techie stuff is up to us.

Enjoy your new WordPress freedom!

How It Works – VIP Transfer

Step 1

Sign Up for Hosting

The one step we can’t do for you! Use our easy to follow hosting sign up guide before buying our VIP Transfer service.

Step 2

Buy VIP Transfer

Once you have hosting, click below to proceed to checkout and provide the required details.

Step 3

Let Us In

After checkout, you’ll receive details on inviting us as an admin on your site, and the rest is on us!

Simple Pricing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Full Technical Support

Whether you’ve chosen the DIY or the VIP Transfer option, we’re here to help. Full support is provided in our support forums to help you get over any hurdle in your move to self-hosted WordPress.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve used our VIP Transfer service, and for any reason whatsoever you’re not happy with the results, let us know. We’ll make it right, or give you your money back within the first 30 days.  


Not sure if our service is for you? Unsure about moving to self-hosted WordPress? No worries, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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